Hamlock System

No ImageHamlock System Is one of the most efficient supporting systems. This system is compatible to cuplock system & offers the same function. It provides simplicity & versatility with simple erection & dismantling procedures. It is also used for various applications like construction, ship building, maintenance, offshore etc

Verticals are also known as standard, made from highest quality steel tubes with a Net of top & bottom cups arranged at a distance of 500mm. The forged blade ends of the horizontal (ledgers) are placed into the bottom cup & the top cup is moved down and rotated to secure the components in place, and tightened by a hammer blow. Verticals are available In different lengths from 0.5 mtr. to 3.0 mtr. Verticals are connected by spigots or sockets.

Horizontals are also known as ledger and they are fitted to the vertical to make a proper scaffold. They are available in different lengths as per the customers requirments. Horizontal Length is calculated between center to center of two verticals.

Adjustable Jacks
Adjustable Jacks are manufactured in Hollow Steel Tubes & Steel Round Bars. They are made on Hydraulic Roll Threading Machine for smooth & easy operation even during load. These jacks are generally used at the bottom of the scaffold which is known as base jack & the one used at the top of the scaffold to hold the steel beams or wooden battens is known as stirup head (u head). With these jacks final adjustments in heights are made either from the top or bottom. Base Jack also helps in maintaining the level of the scaffold on uneven floors or fixed base plates can be used at the bottom.

O (mm) Height (mm) Type
32 350/450 Solid
36 600/750 Solid
38 650/750 Hollow