• First Division (Eye Hospital)

An Eye Hospital with 24 Bed facilities (4 special rooms & 4 General Bed rooms). Starting with Rs. 10/- OPD charge in 1988. Presently it is done at meager charge of Rs. 25/-. Since 1998 all cataract operations with “INDIAN LENS” are carried out totally free. For Imported Lens cataract operation, patients are charged Surgery charges of Rs. 950/- & Lens are their responsibility. All latest machinery including laser for lens implant are available. All cataract operation patients are given free Post Operation Medical Kit worth Rs. 150/- & Cataract Goggles. The data’s given below speaks our satisfaction.

  • Second Division (Dental Clinic)

Over a period requirement of keeping cataract patients overnight reduced. So extra place available utilized and a Dental department under banner of “DAMANI DENTAL CLINIC” commenced in 1996. Dental care is done at a very reasonable charge of Rs. 15/- for complete dental check up. For further treatment our charges are upto 30/35 % of private dental surgeon.
All latest Dental Equipments are bought for latest dental treatment

  • Third Division (ENT Department)

With Sponsorship from “NAVNAT VANIK ASSOCIATION OF U.K” ENT Department was commenced in 2004.

  • Fourth Division (Dialysis Center)

Considering growing need of society Mehta Dialysis centre started with 2 Dialysis Machine in February 2010 (presently there are 3 Dialysis Machine). Positive & Negative Dialysis Patients are done on separate machines.
Dialysis done every month are between 85/90, of which 90/95% are “TOTALLY FREE” under donors scheme. For paid Dialysis (5 to 10%) Rs. 600/- are charged per Dialysis.

  • Fifth Division (Memography Center)

With Donation from SMT. KUSUMBEN MANSUKHLAL KAMDAR (KENYA FAMILY) Memography Centre was commended w.e.f. April 2011. For a meager charges of Rs. 250/-, for total Memography & Rs. 150/- for Sonography (Sono Memography) is carried out.